Photo generated by DeepArt algorithm. Style image credit: creativemints

I am a Data Scientist at NextSmarty - a Hanoi-based startup which provide on-premise solutions for personalized recommendation service. Before that, I was a Research Assistant at the Data Science Lab, Hanoi University of Science Technology (DSLab-HUST), reading Statistical Machine Learning.

I have strong research interests in (deep) generative modelling, as a mean to reconstruct data generating process via prior structure and architecture of a learning model. In particular, I am interested in (i) disentangling major factors of variation for better interpretation of data, and (ii) inspiring downstream applications of generative modelling in computer vision/graphics.

In my earlier journey, I had a brief but wonderful time as a developer at FPT Software Hanoi, and was a summer intern at Dr Le Novere’s computational biology lab. I completed a M.Phil. in Computational Biology at Cambridge University in 2014, and a B.Sc. in Mathematics with Finance at Exeter University the year before.

Hoa M. Le - Hoa M. Le